Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Open Thread

Another day, another post.

For the record, the following was posted to the PM3B an hour ago:
Dear readers,
I am voluntarily closing PM3B today.  This has taken too much time away from other important projects.
I leave you with the following remark.
It will be helpful in future discussions of online polarization to note that, at least in the case of PM3B, a single individual, active day and night, was responsible for the vast majority of comments critical of feminist philosophers and practices supportive of women philosophers. 
Null's observation is consistent with what we've seen at the PMMB in previous months of activity.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


In January 2015, someone reported the Philosophy Metametablog to Google for "spam activity" (this report was, of course, spurious), and Google shut down the blog with an option to re-open it. We have revisited that decision, and have opted at this time to reinstate the PMMB in a limited capacity. There will be occasional open threads, and the archives are once again available. If sockpuppetry and defamation remain a serious problem, we will disable comments altogether.

Readers looking for open discussion forums may find Brian Leiter's regular open threads and the Mockingbirds subreddit useful.